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David & Leah

Howdy, we're David and Leah Powers owners of

Salmon Lake Park. We are looking forward to helping

you plan your next get-to-gather, party, wedding, RV Rally, Family Reunion  ect.


Meet the heart and soul behind Salmon Lake Park.


The Powers Family has poured their passion for nature and hospitality into creating an idyllic escape nestled within the lush embrace of the pines. Rooted in a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, their journey began with a vision to offer a sanctuary where families, friends, and kindred spirits could forge cherished memories in nature's splendor.


As stewards of this precious retreat, the Powers Family continues to infuse their warmth, dedication, and passion into every corner of Salmon Lake Park. With a heartwarming blend of rustic charm and modern comfort, they invite you to be a part of the legacy they've nurtured—a legacy that celebrates the beauty of nature, the joy of togetherness, and the magic of shared moments.


Hannah is smart and creative. Loves to paint and create. She helps clean cabins & halls and decorates the park.


Abby loves to play the piano and cook. She helps run the office and spell checks my work.  

Ben & Nikki

Nikki our oldest daughter is compassionate and creative. She met her husband, Ben, on a mission trip with Eight Days of Hope. Ben is a firefighter and run Lonngren Builders a construction company in Rhode Island.

David & Reeva

David is our oldest son and is married to Reeva our beautiful daughter~in~love. He is getting his HVAC license and works with Reeva's father at All Around AC.

The Boys

We have 5 sons at home. All are home schooled and full of energy. Each one has his own gift from God... athletic, creative, funny, loving, studious. We encourage then to use their gifts, so you will see them around the park learning to drive the equipment, work on things, designing new features and creating ways to save on work. 

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